About Us

Madhu Traders Ceiling Cloth Hanger is a Permanent solution for drying wet clothes in Balcony & Utility area. It creates free moving space, permits ventilation, contributes smart hygiene.

Madhu Traders

Our company manufactures the best ceiling cloth hangers in Hyderabad.

 Our company provides roof-mounted clothes hanger for the drying of clothes as well as wall-mounted clothes hangers in Hyderabad. We use best quality stainless steel rust-free tubes and high grade PVC slate, wheels and components.

Modern House

Give a Luxurious look to your balcony


Say no to messy balcony and give a luxurious look to your balcony. Due to its compact design, it can be installed in various spaces like Passages, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Balconies. Nylon cords are used for each pipe or line for smooth operation it is available in different sizes which will fix in your required space.